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Year 3

 What do you need to bring in Year 3?

  • Your reading book and reading log - every day please
  • A water bottle - water only in class
  • A jumper if it is chilly
  • A coat if it is cold or if it may rain - even if it rains a little,

                                                                               you may still go outside at break or lunch

  • PE kit for PE days - Tuesday indoor and Thursday outdoor
  • Swimming kit, if you swim, on Fridays



Welcome back to the final term of Year 3.

Hasn't time flown by!!

This term our topic will  be...

Down Under

Do you know where "Down Under" is?

Do you know why it is called "Down Under"?

You will soon find out!


Our Learning for the Summer Term

In Science we will be learning about FLOWERING PLANTS

We will be carrying out some investigations to learn what plants need to grow and we will be finding out what the different parts of plants do. We will be looking especially at the role of flowers and how they enable flowering plants to reproduce - make new plants.

We will be learning about Australia in Geography and in History. We will find out about the indigenous people of Australia - the people who first lived there - and how they lived in the past and how they live now. We will be learning to find places in atlases and how to use grid references and about compass points and direction.

In Art we will look at the amazing art work of the Aboriginal people of Australia and have a go at creating some art in their typical style.

We will be making some popular cakes of Australia called lamingtons for our DT project





Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. You will need to have a full PE kit which is black shorts, a white T-shirt and plimsoles that fit!!

On Thursday, Mr North will try to work outside. When it is chilly, you are allowed to wear black jogging bottoms and a black sweatshirt. You might also prefer to wear trainers outside.

Friday is swimming day (if you choose to do it). You will need a swimming costume or trunks, a towel and a swimming hat.



I set your homework every half-term. There will be ONLY 5  activities to complete over the half-term out of the 6 on the sheet and you can hand it in at the end or after you finish each piece. You will get a certificate if you complete each piece set in a half-term.

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Summer Term homework - first half-term

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