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Year 3

DT Inventors Day, 27th March 2024

In Year 3, our DT Inventors Day challenge was to design and make a Roman chariot. We needed to draw upon all of our previously learnt DT skills to help us think about, plan, select materials, combine materials, test and evaluate. We had great fun!

The photos show our Roman chariot models so far, there are more to follow!


Year 3 Recommended Reads

Class Topic

Our topic across the Summer Term is Australia. These are our learning highlights:


In English we will continue to revisit and practise previously learnt skills. Writing skills across this term will include Aboriginal Folk Tales. Our class guided reading text will have an Australian theme. 


In Maths we will continue to revisit and practise previously learnt skills, as well as developing some new Maths skills, for example telling the the time. 


In Science we will be learning about plants and living things. 


In Art we will be exploring Aboriginal-style art.


In Music we continue to follow the Charagna scheme.


In Geography we will specifically look at Australia, including the weather and how long it would take to get there. We will revisit our atlas skills and remind each other of the 8 points of a compass. 


In History we will be looking at timelines to consider the order events happened.


In Design &Technology we will be making Lamingtons, an Australian cake.


In PSHE we will be using the Jigsaw scheme to complete the 'Changing Me' puzzle piece.


In Religious Education we will be learning about what Muslims believe about God along with The Five Pillars of Islam. 


In Computing we will be learning about branching databases and simulations. 


In Physical Education we will be learning tennis and rounders as well as practising the skills we will be using for Sports Day. 

 What do you need to bring in Year 3?

  • Your reading book and reading log - every day please
  • A water bottle - water only in class
  • A jumper if it is chilly
  • A coat if it is cold or if it may rain, as even if it rains a little,  you may still go outside at break or lunch!
  • PE kit for PE days - Tuesday indoor and Thursday outdoor
  • Swimming kit on Mondays



Homework will be set each term. We will introduce your tasks once term has begun and provide a paper copy in class, as well as an electronic copy on this web page. 

Questions to help your child with their reading

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