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Year 3

Welcome Home Learners!

I am missing you all, Year 3.

I hope you are managing to stay busy and are not feeling too glum at home. Remember to be nice to everyone around you - especially your grown ups.

I will check on the VLE for any messages you post and try to reply. If you do something amazing post it on there for me to see and share it with everyone so they can have a go!

You will see I have added the work for you to do as a

WORD document AND a PDF file

so you can open one which is best for you.


Remember the fossils Henry D brought in?

There is some work about fossils set for Wednesday!


Poor Espresso is finding it hard to keep up with all the users

trying to get onto the site.

Be patient it will load in its own time.

Otherwise try a different task and come back to it.





Homework for this half-term.



The activities in the homework set can be completed in any order. Once a task has been completed, children can hand their book in to be marked.

Children who complete all tasks will be awarded a certificate.

Children are encouraged to design and create a front cover for their homework book that reflects their personality.


Reading is the most important activity to do at home every night and I will encourage both parents and children to make a note in their reading log once a week.


Spellings will be given out shortly and, when a child shows they have learned them, they will be awarded with a sticker from the deputy head Ms Meager. They will then get a new set to learn.


Children in Year 3 will be expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables this term. We are also now giving out Maths Homework. When your child has completed the activities set, please send it back in with a signature and we will give them the next piece. They will also get a sticker from Ms Meager for each completed piece.


Any help you give your child in work at home will really help their progress.

Again, ask me if you have any questions or worries.

Questions to help your child with their reading