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Online Safety Updates

At Meadgate Primary School we place great emphasis on online safety and keeping our children safe when they are online.  As well as being most obviously featured in our computing curriculum, it forms part of every interaction we have with technology – which at Meadgate is extensive.  Our curriculum includes regular sessions and assemblies through which we teach children the necessary tools to become discerning consumers of digital content. We help them understand that their digital activity forms a footprint that follows them throughout their lives and is searchable by others.


In school, we try to keep up to date with the rapid pace of change in this digital world, and it isn't easy. There is also a need for awareness outside of school where the access to technology is potentially less structured or filtered.  We know that it can be very difficult for parents to be informed of the latest sites and issues that may affect their child when working online. With this in mind, through regular updates, digital parenting publications, bulletins and this online safety page, we hope to point parents to useful sites and important information which will help them keep informed and more importantly understand the risks to children on-line.



A number of our families have English as an additional language.  With that in mind, you might like to visit the site below, Better Internet for Kids.  At the bottom of the homepage are links to the Safer Internet centres in a number of countries, which have resources in other languages.