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Worries and Anxiety

As children grow, they experience many new things; starting school, medical appointments, making and managing friendships, to name a few.  Sometimes children have worries to deal with that are too big for them to manage. Sometimes their worries and anxieties might seem small or insignificant to us, but can become unmanageable for the child and affect their day to day wellbeing.


We have added some resources to this page to point parents to information and advice aimed to help them support their child through their worries and anxieties.  There are also useful strategies to use together to help overcome worries when they emerge.


Sometimes our children don't want to share their worries with us, especially if they perceive we have enough of our own.  In that case, encourage them to find a trusted adult in school to talk to, or drop us a line yourself, if you think we might be able to help.