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Iris Scott


Iris Scott

You may think that finger painting is something younger children do, before they move to brushes, but you would be wrong!

This is Iris Scott


Iris Scott is an artist who was living and working in Taiwan.  She was feeling lazy one day, was almost out of paint, her brushes were oily and stained and she couldn’t be bothered to clean them. Instead she decided to use her fingers to finish the canvas she was working on.  This decision changed the course of her career and she was very pleased with the result!


On looking further into finger painting she discovered that not one professional adult painter was doing it, as it was considered an activity for younger children.  In that moment she decided to dedicate herself to finger painting.


She paints quickly, using four fingers at once, which she describes as more like dancing than painting.  She likes the freedom of simply wiping her fingers when she wants to change colour.

Her paintings are brightly coloured, often showing animals in the jungle, or bold figures in bright clothing.


We love this painting of a dog!



Why not grab some paints and see how creative you can be - just using your fingers!