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Fingerprint People


Fingerprint People

If you enjoyed finger painting like Iris Scott (See Magpie It!) then you'll love creating fingerprint people.


Fingerprint people are easy to create and can be made to do just about anything!


To make fingerprint people you will need:


Paint, in whatever colour you choose - thick ready-mix type paint works best.

Fine black pen or pencil to add details with

Plate or pallet for paint



Step One

First, squeeze out a small amount of paint onto a plate or pallet.


Step Two

Next, dip your finger gently into the paint, you may need a practise paper to get off some of the excess before you print.  Have a try and see what works best for you.


Step Three

Press your finger firmly down onto the paper.  You can print as many times as you want, in whatever colours you choose. Leave your fingerprints to dry completely.


Step Four

Once your paint is dry you can take your pens and add some details.  The flatter your print, the better the pen will work.  You can add eyes, noses, arms, legs, hats, the list is endless. Will your fingerprint person be a skilled sportsman, a king or queen or something else?