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Fabulous Fishes

Fabulous Fishes


Fish are fabulous to draw and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours.  With this fishy draw, you can let your imagination run riot, include lots of spots, colours and stripes.  You could include fish from films or stories.  You might be interested in keeping your fish more realistic and researching some.  There are plenty to choose from and tropical and marine species offer lots of beautiful examples.


You will need:

A piece of paper - it doesn't matter what size it is.

A pencil

Something to colour in with, it could be felt tips, coloured pencils, paints or anything else you have at home.


Step One

Get your piece of paper ready.


Step Two

Draw a big loopy rectangle close to the edge of your paper.  Try to make sure the ends meet, but it doesn't really matter how many loops there are.  The more loops, the more fish!


Step Three

Put some details on your fish, either from your imagination or use real fish as your inspiration. You can be as creative as you like. Your fish might be all the same, or each one could be different.


Step Four

Once you have finished designing your fish, add some colour.  This is where your fish will really come to life!


You could fill in the background if you wanted, to give your fish a really lovely underground home to play in, or perhaps add some speech bubbles so we know what they are talking about.


Have fun!