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How often have you complained of having nothing to do, even though you probably have plenty of toys and games sitting at home?


If the usual games don't interest you, why not have a try at making one of your own? 


Think about all the games you own, or have played, and decide which are the best bits.  What is it that makes it interesting? What is exciting about it? What do you think could make it better?


Once you know the bits you like, and don't like, you can use the information to design and build a board game, just for you ( and your friends) to play. 


Of course, you can be as creative as you like with your games, but to make a simple board game you will need..

A large piece of cardboard - we used a box because it is what we had, but you could use paper.


A die or two

Something to use for counters (if they are part of your game?)


Step One

Go mad with blobs, circles, squares, or whatever shapes you have chosen for the spaces on your board.



Step Two

To make your game interesting think about bonus squares, extra turns, push backs or forfeits, snakes ladders etc. You can let your imagination go wild!

Finally, decorate your game to make it as appealing as possible.

Ms Meager's children made this game. We especially liked the secret passages (see squares with crosses and smiley faces) that could transport you from one side the board to another!


Step Three

Find some willing volunteers and try your game!

It took several test runs before we were all happy with the rules and it worked well. We needed to change a few things during our test plays but it is a great game and was lots of fun to make!


If you make a board game take a picture of it and send it to Ms Meager through the VLE. 

Don't include people in your game photo if you want it to appear on this page.