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Build A Bird Feeder

Build A Bird Feeder


You will need:

A toilet roll cardboard tube

Lolly Sticks, or something flat to spread with.

Bird Seed


Peanut Butter



If your child is allergic to peanut butter or you do not have peanut butter, make the feeder as directed above, but with the following substitutes:

  • Suet or lard, softened.
  • Vegetable shortening, such as Crisco.
  • Sunflower seed butter, such as SunButter.
  • Coconut oil.


Step 1.

Using the lolly stick, or flat implement spread the outside of the toilet roll tube with peanut butter or equivalent.


Step 2.

Roll the tube in bird seed.


Step 3.

Thread a length of string through the tube and tie the ends together.  Hang the feeder in a tree for the birds to enjoy!