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Year 6

Welcome to Ms Pateman's class! laugh   

I am excited to get started on our first topic of the year - Blast From The Past!

Year 6 will be going back in time to find out what it was like to be a child during World War Two in this fascinating history topic. We will be finding out about how the war started and what precautions were put in place on the home front to keep children safe such as, air raid shelters and the mass evacuation of children into the countryside. In science we will be learning about how the blackout affected every day life when we learn about light and how we see. Year 6 will be finding out what elements make structures sturdy and strong in DT then designing, making and testing mini air raid shelters of their own. In art we will be developing sketching and shading skills as we draw aircraft used in The Battle of Britain.


Our first book study will be a graphic novel - The Arrival by Shaun Tan.


PE will be gymnastics and dance on Mondays and outdoor games on Thursdays.

Our Year 6 swimming slot is Tuesday afternoon.

Homework for Autumn Term

Useful maths and English websites for Year 6 pupils, parents and carers:

Isle of Wight 2022 Presentation