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Well-being and Wildlife Activities

It is so very important to look after yourself and stay relaxed during this time at home.

I want you to take at least 30 minutes to do this every Wednesday and to come away from screens where possible. Here are some ideas that will help you to be mindful, or connect with nature, or connect with your family during the next few weeks. Some of you may prefer to be outside and do something active; some of you may prefer stillness. 

Remember, some members of your family may need to work, so be sensitive to their needs too - these activities can be done whenever it is possible and not by a set time.

Work on a puzzle with a family member

I love puzzles - you can listen to an audio book while you do one too!

Learn to cook or bake

When you make something you are proud of, send me a photo!

Build a reading den

One of my favourite things as a kid was building an indoor den. Please ask permission for the objects you will need first though! You will need some pillows or cushions, blankets, some furniture to make your den around (the bottom of a bunk bed, a table etc) and a torch to read with. Finally you will need a really good book! Now, relax and read!

Play board games

I think it’s a fun way to not only have a great time when the weather is less-than-favourable, but it’s a great way to spend time as a family. 

What are some of your favourite winter-weather activities? Here are some more ideas for you:

Connect to the wonders of our natural world!

Make a bird feeder! Click here to find instructions!

Go tree spotting in the winter