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Year 5

Welcome back to Year 5.

We are getting nearer to the top of the school and have lots of work to do this year but it will also be plenty of fun.

Our topic this term is


We will be learning about some of the people

who have invaded the British Isles in the past

with a special look at

The Vikings.

After Half-term we will be going out of this world to look at

Alien Invaders

with a special look at

War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

We will be outside on Tuesdays, where we will be learning the skills of invasion games such as football and hockey, and inside on Thursdays, where we will be learning skills of dance and gymnastics.

Full kits are needed on both days with long hair tied back and no jewellery. Trainers and tracksuits can be worn for outside PE as the weather gets colder. Any colour, any style is fine.


The topic web below should look familiar as the children were all given one to bring home.

It is for your information and gives an outline of what we hope to cover over the term but things do change!

Topic Web for Autumn


Again this should look familiar as all of the children stuck a copy into their homework books.

Spelling have also been given out in Year 5 along with all classes in the school.

As children begin to learn their spelling, we are asking you to test them on a regular basis and tick each word that they spell correctly. We ask that children spell each word correctly on 10 separate occasions. Once they have done this, the spelling is likely to be in their long-term memory. Please then sign off each word until the entire sheet is completed and they can bring it in for a sticker and a new sheet.

Autumn term homework