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  • I have added a few '2Dos' to Purple Mash for you to have a go at over the next two days.  Two of them are related to your Year 2 Autumn Term Homework challenges.  I am sorry I forgot to add them when we were learning about Bonfire Night but they are now on there to have a go at.  Make a Firework Display picture and recall the story of Guy Fawkes and why he is remembered on Bonfire night.
  • There are also two Christmas activities. Design a Christmas Jumper, whilst wearing your Christmas jumper tomorrow and recall the story of the first Nativity. We have been learning about what the nativity teaches Christians about Jesus.


Today we normally do computing. There is a 2Do on Purple Mash to do. It's called Jumping Monkey.  Use your coding skills and follow the videos to complete the challenges.


We have been finding out about everyday materials and inventors who invented new materials, such as, Charles Macintosh who invented waterproof fabric and John Dunlop who invented air filled tyres.

We are now going to find out about recycling materials.  Use the PowerPoint to find out about what we can recycle and the process.

You can then use the 1 star activity sheets to recall the recycling process.