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11th - 15th October 2021


We have been reading traditional tales and learning to retell the story of The Little Red Hen.  

Read the story attached over and over together. Add actions to help you recall the story. Make stick puppets to retell the story. 

Order the story using the storyboard (could the parent cut it out and jumble it up so the child can reorder it).

Retell the story by writing the whole story.  Use the story language word mat for support.

Spelling - look at the different graphemes for the 'igh' sound in words


We are practicing counting in twos, fives and tens this week.

Use the link to watch the teaching videos.

Try the task sheets too.


We are creating a Wizard of Oz scene on Purple Mash.

Log on to Purple Mash. Select Art and 2 Paint A Picture. Choose the Impressionism option and draw the background scene (see example digital images attached).  Create a sky and fields with poppies in it.

Save it in Year 2 under Wizard of Oz - Background scene. Save as your name.