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Year 3

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable break with lots and lots of chocolate.

Look Out Year 3....

The Romans are Coming!

This term we will be finding out what happened when the Romans invaded England.

This topic includes lots of history skills, looking at evidence and trying to interpret what the evidence tells us about the Romans.

We will also be going on a trip to Colchester castle to help find out more.

We will be discovering who they were, where they came from, why they came and what they did when they got here. Some of it was a bit nasty, some of it was very clever and helpful.

We have started by finding out what life was like in Britain about 2000 years ago, just before the Romans came. The Celts were living in Britain and Europe then. We will go on to find out how some Britons stood up to the Romans and how they tried to stop the Roman Invasion.


We will be using artefacts, watching videos, using non-fiction books and using websites such as Espresso to find out new information and we will be presenting what we find out in different ways,



This half term we will be more reading in class as a whole class rather than in groups or with individuals. We will be reading a book called "I Was There - Boudica's Army". It is a very enjoyable story about a Celtic girl called Kassy, but it also helps us understand more about life in Celtic Britain and what happened when the Romans invaded.

When we read as a class I will not be able to make a note in everyone's individual log but this does not mean that we are not reading and discussing texts every day.





* Ensure you have your reading book in school every day along with your reading log!

* Bring a healthy snack for break time.

* Make sure you have a water bottle in school as we have no water fountain upstairs. Remember to take it home for a clean every day.

* Full school uniform needs to be worn to school every day. This includes black school shoes and jumpers or cardigans.

Children will be allowed to take jumpers and cardigans off if they get hot, but they are needed in school daily.

It is impossible to find owners of jumpers or cardigans without names as they are all identical so please make sure all uniform is labelled.



Our Timetable

Swimming is on Monday afternoon.

Mr North  takes PE outside on Thursdays. Children must have their kits in school.

PE kit is shorts, T-shirt and plimsolls that fit. In colder weather children may wear long tracksuit trousers and jumpers or sweatshirts. Mr North is happy for the children to wear gloves and hats when the weather is very cold.

Any child with ear-rings must either remove them before the lesson or take them out at home on that morning.

Please ensure everything is named as it makes it much easier to sort lost kit.












If you have any questions, feel free to catch me on the playground or make an appointment to see me via the school office.


Mrs T Mbonye.

Summer Half- Term Homework

Homework for this half-term.



The activities in the homework set can be completed in any order. Once a task has been completed, children can hand their book in to be marked. Children who complete all tasks will be awarded a certificate.

Reading is the most important activity to do at home every night and I will encourage both parents and children to make a note in their reading log once a week.

Spellings will be given out shortly and, when a child shows they have learned them, they will be awarded with a sticker from the deputy head Ms Meager. They will then get a new set to learn.

Children in Year 3 will be expected to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables this term. We are also now giving out Maths Homework. When your child has completed the activities set, please send it back in with a signature and we will give them the next piece. They will also get a sticker from Ms Meager for each completed piece.

Any help you give your child in work at home will really help their progress.

Again, ask me if you have any questions or worries.

Questions to help your child with their reading